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General stuff/other sources of information about Paris...

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A recent addition is John Bercik's Paris notes

Although defunct now, a group of four people continued to work with part of the Paris system after it was officially discontinued. Led by Chuck Duffy, they were affectionately known as either "Chuck's Skunkworks" or the "Chunkworks". Chuck signed a non-disclosure agreement with Emu and was able to obtain some hardware, specifications and source code, including that for the device drivers. On the PC, the device driver has been updated to work with Windows XP and an updated ASIO driver has been released. See the "PC specific stuff..." section of this document (below) for the drivers.

Additional effects plugins have been created that run on the EDS 1000 card, using the ESP chips. (No host CPU load!) See the PC and Mac OS 9 specific sections below.

If you're interested in using some Paris related graphics as backgrounds on your computer screen, check out Tom's Paris wallpaper (EEEK, looks like the link is 404...)

Don't be afraid to push the faders. This is not your typical computer based system that clips harshly when overloaded! Think analog when you're using the Paris system and don't be afraid to push the faders into the red. You'll be happy you did. The Paris motto? "You've got ears!"

About PARIS...


Ensoniq originally developed the Paris hardware somewhere between 1995 and 1997. I don't know the whole story, but Ensoniq was somehow combined with Emu. I believe both are owned by Creative, of Soundblaster fame. Emu released the Paris hardware with a new color scheme and called it "Paris Pro". Unfortunately, the Paris hardware is no longer being produced.

NOTE: There is no fundamental difference between the black "Paris" hardware and the blue "Paris Pro" hardware. The only changes are the color, the logos and some of the labels on the C-16 controller. See "Other documents" below for a pdf file of updated Paris Pro labels.

There are at least two versions of the EDS PCI card. The EDS-1000 is the most common. It is a 5v, 32 bit, 33 MHz PCI card and has six ESP2 digital signal processing chips mounted on a daughter board attached to the main board. (Please NOTE: the EDS cards WILL NOT fit in 3.3v PCI slots. You must use a Magma or SBS chassis to use PARIS with a new computer. PDF about PCI.) The EDS-500 uses the same main board, but does not have the daughter board. There is also a version of the card called the EDS-1000X, but I'm not really sure what that means. One story is that it is just the updated label from when Emu took over the product, and another story is that the X card is what you need if you want to run multiple cards in one system.

Bundles: There have been three PARIS hardware packages sold:

The Modular Expansion Chassis ("MEC") is a 19" rack mount 5U (8.75") tall box that can hold up to nine expansion cards of various types. There have been four expansion cards made for the MEC:


Intelligent Devices wrote the Paris software. The most recent version is 3.0, which was released on April 14, 2001. They claim to be "still working on it", but there has been nothing new since that date. Version 3 added several features, including the PACE software copy protection package. (Rumor has it that the copy protection was "hacked" even before the software officially shipped. And before you ask, no, I don't have a copy of the broken software...)

New purchases If you'd like to buy a copy of version 3.0 of the Paris software, contact: East Coast Music Mall. Ask for Morgan...

Authorizations For version 3.0 authorizations, send an email to: support at intdevices dot com. Intelligent Devices has been responsive to authorization requests, typically answering by the next business day. If you don't receive a reply in a day or so, please check that you sent your email to the correct address...

Transfers To transfer a copy of version 3.0 to a different person, you must also contact Intelligent Devices at that address. Provide the serial number and who you are transferring from and who you are transferring to.

Version 2.1 and 2.2 of the PARIS software did not have PACE included, so either of those versions can be easily installed on any computer. The main (only?) difference between 2.1 and 2.2 is that version 2.2 supports the relabeled blue C-16 "Pro" controller. Please see the PC and Mac specific sections below for access to versions 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0 of the software. I also have older versions of the software stored here at this site. If you want a particular version, please ask. :-)


Hardware repair is available! If you have hardware problems, contact: TheSoniq (408) 567-9277

Here's the link to Emu's general support page

Here's the link to the Intelligent Devices Paris page.

Do it yourself! Thanks to Aaron Allen...


Other documents stored here: (Thanks Henry!)

Anybody know where tracksheet #1 is?

Just for fun...

Political Correctness downgrade - What is it? It's a replacement file containing politically UNcorrect informational messages. Download at your own risk and please don't take it seriously!


Chris Wargo's computer isolation box instructions (1.2 MB Word file) and parts list (188 kb Word file).


These first three tutorials are written by Sakis Anastopoulos of Digisound Mastering. Do not distribute or reproduce these tutorials without his written permission. After all, we'd like to have our favorite Mastering Engineer continue to share his knowledge, right?

General PARIS settings...



Submix Selection

Word Clock

Using eight EDS-1000 cards

Using multiple MECs

Copy Protection


Check the PC and Mac sections below for plugins. Known bugs:

PC specific stuff...

PARIS installers

NOTE: Version 3.0 will run in demo mode until you receive your authorization code from Intelligent Devices. See "Authorizations" above for info about getting that code.

Updated Drivers

You can get new drivers for $50 from Mike Audet.

Tuning your system

Antares Autotune Autotune 4 has been announced! Free if you purchased version 3 after Dec 1, 2003)

ASIO driver


PCI cards

NOTE: The PARIS EDS-1000 card will only fit in 5v PCI slots. If you have a computer with 3.3v slots or PCI Express slots, you'll need to get a Magma or SBS chassis.


Universal Audio UAD-1

VST EQ plugin

Wave files

Window Managers

The jury still seems to be out on this one, although it's looking like the best choices are:

Other window managers:

Windows XP Drivers

Mac OS 9 specific stuff...

The Paris software works with any version of MacOS PRIOR to OS X. It does not work with OS X, or with OS 9 in classic mode.

PARIS installers

NOTE: Version 3.0 will run in demo mode until you receive your authorization code from Intelligent Devices. See "Authorizations" above for info about getting that code.

Customizing your system

Extensions list



Mac OS X specific stuff...

Note: PARIS does not work with OS X. I've done quite a bit of work on an OS X driver for the EDS-1000 card, but reverse-engineering the effects subsystem was too much for me in the time I had. (I have a lot of projects going on - check my blog for more details.)

Customizing your system

Macintosh G5 computers and Paris

The EDS-1000 cards are 5v PCI boards that operate at 33 MHz on a standard PCI bus, with a 32 bit data path. That means that the EDS cards will NOT work in the new G5. However, you can use a Magma or SBS chassis and put your EDS cards in that.


Virtual Desktops

Other OS X programs (not necessarily Paris related, but I'm such an OS X Lover that I have to include them here!)

I've come here for an argument!

Which OS is better??? X vs. XP

My answer? If you can run Paris, who cares?!!

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